The new arrivals and their food in Mae La Camp


. Naw Ree Kah, 37 years old, is a new arrival. She has six children. She has already lived in the camp four months, staying with her relatives. She cooks dinner for her… Continue reading

The beginning of the rainy season


The rainy season is coming and people have to go to the market and buy things for covering their body in the rain. Like an umbrella, hat, etc….. In the rainy season it… Continue reading

Smiling produces happiness


Smiling can produce happiness, peace and health for a human being. Like here, near Ban Rak Thai close to the Thai – Burma border. There is a new village, named Ban Kong Mung… Continue reading

We are the People! We are the Pigs !


The life of pigs is not easy in the sty because they have no chance to go outside the sty. The other animals can come to the sty and say: “hello!”. What the… Continue reading

Our Food


Vegetables are healthy for people. The children are catching small fishes. The weather is very hot, almost forty degrees. Some people in Mae La camp are growing lots of vegetable. Like morning glory… Continue reading

25th anniversary of Kawthoolei Karen Baptist Bible School & College


The celebration took about five days. We celebrated the 25th anniversary of Kawthoolei Karen Baptist Bible School & College between March 26 and March 30 2008. And during that there was a football… Continue reading

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